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Over the past couple of years I have spent a lot of time debugging other engineers’ test code. This was interesting work, occasionally frustrating but always informative. One might not immediately think that test code would have bugs, but of course all code has bugs and tests are no exception.

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Remember back in October when after a rare “miss” by Apple (which was only a miss because analysts are stupid and lazy), the early signs pointed to the potential of a $40 billion quarter? Some thought that was insane given that Apple had never even had a $30 billion quarter before. Well, turns out that projection was a little insane — insanely low.

Try a $46.33 billion quarter.

It’s a number so insane that it even destroys the $42.76 billion blow-out “whisper” number.

As for the early projections of 34 million iPhones sold — which again, some people thought were crazy — also low. Try 37 million.

But hey, Android is winning, right?

As for the other numbers. 15.43 million iPads. A record. 5.2 million Macs. A record. 15.4 million iPods. Not a record, but no surprise — this is the age of the iPhone.

Net quarterly profit was $13.06 billion. Again, holy shit.

That stock you were an idiot for selling after aforementioned “miss”? Up 10% now in after-hours trading, well past $460 a share. By far an all-time high, pushing Apple’s market cap well past $400 billion. 

Apple now has $97.6 billion in cash.

I’ll be listening to the call at 2PM PT and posting some follow-up thoughts on TechCrunch. Stay tuned.



@andreasklinger wrote a nice piece on what first time founders do. I think the list is pretty spot on and I can honestly say we’re guilty as charged. :)

  • They seek too much advice from too many sources with too many conflicting views.
  • They plan details about sh*t that never sees the light of day.
  • They spend hours of pitching to VCs that don’t invest into startups in their stage.
  • They optimize their ToS before launch.
  • They underestimate everything apart of one thing: Themselves.
  • They validate their customer hypothesis with investors.
  • They launch in one month.

and the list goes on and on. It’s quite hilarious to read if you ignore for a second the gravity of repeating these mistakes.

Unfortunately old and true advice tends to get ignored and not surprisingly, first time founders “think they won’t make the same mistakes as other first time founders.”

Bob Dylan, Love Minus Zero / No Limit

Our long-term vision at Summify has always been to connect people with the most relevant news for them, in the most time efficient manner. As hundreds of millions of people worldwide are signing up and consuming Twitter, we realized it’s the best platform to execute our vision at a truly global scale. Since Twitter shared this vision with us, joining the company made perfect sense.


Lennon & McCartney.
photo by David Bailey


Lennon & McCartney.

photo by David Bailey